KFL~021E Lipi Quan - Part 8/10

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Northern Mantis Lipi-quan

The northern provinces of China have long been known for a thriving martial culture. Praying Mantis has become one of the most popular styles in this region. Praying Mantis developed out of Shaolin Longfist, widely absorbing the best elements of many other styles, and synthesizing them into one. It is therefore praised as the “True Style of 18 Families.” The arms of mantis are quick and agile, the body nimble and variable. Because of its particular emphasis on realistic combat technique, It has been called “the combat fist” of Chinese boxing.

Lipi-quan is a vital part of basic Praying Mantis training. It is an extremely important form, with an ingenious design, which combines basic training of lively footwork with a deep understanding of the physics of power. This means the whole form, is not only excellent fundamental training, But is also a treasure in terms of the physics of the limbs. In particular, the design of the form is based on realistic combat technique.

Therefore, Lipi-quan’s adaptability and flexibility of application are also very great. It is a form that teaches not only fundamentals, and polishes body mechanics, it is also a form with a wide variety of realistic combat applications. Though the form may seem simple and unremarkable, it actually contains the ingredients for sophisticated attack methods. As they say, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Lipi-quan is a remarkable form in a simple package.

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KFL~021E Lipi Quan - Part 8/10

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