KFL~031CE Lan Jie Quan - Part 1/6

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Lan Jie Quan

"LanJie Quan" ( Interception Boxing ) was originally called "LuanJie" ( Freestyle Linkage ).

Instead of being a standardized practicing "form", "LuanJie" was the testing measure for students practicing the mantis system. Through the test of "LuanJie", students can improvise freely and link multiple movements into series to demonstrate his understanding of Mantis Forms. During the long history of this examination process, combinations of delicate movements were developed and gradually forged into the prototype of a new "form". In the end, the original testing measure transformed into a standardized "form" today, also known as the "LanJie Quan" ( Interception Boxing ) .



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KFL~031CE Lan Jie Quan - Part 1/6

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